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Academic and Scholarly ebooks


Today's online publication formats are still closely bound to the medium of paper: they are static and non-interactive. 

 The possibilities provided by enhanced ebooks may contribute to fundamentally change the way scholarly publishing works. The benefit of adopting an interactive  and dynamic model of book is that all content is easily searchable and it helps researcher to work smarter and discover more. 

 Imagine building content that goes beyond a standard  book or a pdf document which include only static words and images...






An easier and clearer way of communicating the reach of the research by "live" presentation of data and  interactive animations, 3D rendering, video and audio. 






The content is enganging and dynamic: you can elevate reader's experience from visual to interactive creating  quizzes, interactive learning materials, tables, graphs, maps, image galleries ,  slideshows, music and sound effects.






You can includes higly developed search functions, links to both internal and internet resources, active links to the relevant scientific data published on the web and  where  content is shared and discussed online. 

By Metrics for ebooks authors and readers can istantly see who is sharing and discussing an ebook or a chapter including social platforms, Wikipedia and other online community forums  to build a complete and timely picture of the reach, engagement and influcence of the publication not only in academic sphere, but in everyday life as well.



EWORDS supports authors: 

 - providing full composition, design and illustrations

 - enriching  manuscripts with interacticivities for enhanced ebooks

- during all the editorial process, promotions and distributions on maim online platforms.